At first, when I was recommended to participate in the training, I was a little hesitant. At this point in the industry, there are a lot of trainings that can’t meet one’s expectations and don’t align with career goals. 

NextSEO has opened the doors to a new world for me. Digital Marketing was something that I had heard and always been interested in, however, at NextSEO I was introduced to SEO, a field that really captivated my attention immediately. 

As a very beginner in SEO, the training was incredibly helpful, interesting, and easy to follow. We were always encouraged to ask questions and share our thoughts, which I think made a big difference for me. I was impressed by the practical way of learning things which I think is the most effective way to learn.

Furthermore, the internship was a remarkable experience. The team here at NextSEO was very welcoming and ready to help me by answering my questions in technical and creative matters. Being a student of English Language and Literature, I felt that the shifting of careers would be difficult. However, having a supportive team by my side made the transition smooth and natural.

One of my favorite things about NextSEO is the fact that you are encouraged to share your ideas and be as creative as you want because every opinion matters. This has created a healthy working environment where I can always grow personally and professionally. In SEO World and especially in NextSEO, you are free to experiment with your working patterns and get out of your comfort zone. Now that I have officially joined NextSEO, I am thrilled to be part of such an incredible team.

Albisona Mustafa is a student of English Language and Literature at the University of Prishtina. After successfully completing NextSEO’s “Introduction to Digital Marketing and SEO” training and the five-month internship, she is now fully employed as a Junior Outreach Specialist.