I have grown to know that working in journalism has to be an endless attempt to be better and do better. But nothing puts an ease to this constant battle than having an inspiration, which I happened to find at NextSEO’s team.

So, I started my three-month internship as Digital Journalist in March, and I was excited and curious to get involved in this new project. However, I was concerned that three months would be a long period of time. This dilemma soon vanished from my long personal list of concerns once I got to know how interesting this experience was and how fun it was to work with such a professional and polite staff. On the first days, I felt incredibly welcomed by the team, and during the first weeks, I already felt a part of NextSEO, like I had been working here for years. 

Since I have started my internship at NextSEO, I can say that every day I get inspired by learning new things and seeing people of different social and cultural backgrounds coming together to grow and learn in professional and personal matters while being totally respectful to each other’s choices. 

I appreciate the fact that after I get corrected on a matter that I could do better at, I feel nothing but gratitude and motivation to become better by feeling more confident about myself and my work. 
I truly cherish the sense of responsibility that my team here has and how everyone contributes to becoming a better team, more professional in their field of work, and, most importantly, a better human being.

Arbërie Shabani finished her studies in the field of Journalism at the University of Prishtina in 2019. After being engaged in a three-month internship as a Digital Journalist, she is now a full-time employee at NextSEO.

NextSEO’s Paid Digital Journalist Internship lasts three months, with the possibility of employment after completion.