After interning at Students’ Union at North West Regional College in Northern Ireland for five months, I shifted my educational focus to digital marketing.

When returned to Kosovo, after the graduation, besides the feelings of pride and excitement, also feelings as fear, discouragement and loss were common to me as I felt I was facing a multitude change in my life.

By not being fully satisfied with different digital marketing trainings, I was constantly searching for something that would make it easier for me to get a foot in the job market and continue my career path in this field.

Back then, it was a year or more that I was informed of NextSEO Company and the training they were offering, so I decided to give it a go!

One of the main reasons I decided to apply was the possibility of a 5-months internship after the training period, which was a great way to combine the theory learned and practice.

After the first day of the training, I constantly had the desire to research more and complete the tasks given by the trainers in the best possible way, even though at first it seemed so challenging. What surprised me most was the trainers’ readiness to explain us the things we did not understand at that time, without making you feel ignorant.

The training ended and the internship period started. Everything better than expected!

Curious to know why?

At NextSEO I found a healthy workplace where people feel relaxed, appreciated, rewarded and the creativity just flourishes. Everyone is committed to excellence by creating a healthy competition where vengeful and spiteful feelings are absent. On top of all, it is the place where your creativity and ideas are always welcomed.

Today that I am part of such a successful company, holding the position of a Junior Digital PR, I am humbled every day and more by the support offered by the hard-working souls at NextSEO. A big thank you goes to Gent and Lum for being the world’s most modest, empathetic and dependable colleagues!

“Sometimes, things change for better real quick, you just gotta keep the faith!”

P.s. I have to mention that at NextSEO we laugh a lot… (it could not have been otherwise when you work with Lum).

Donjeta Pllana is a graduate student of International Sales and Marketing at IBC-M. After successfully completing NextSEO’s “Introduction to Digital Marketing and SEO” training and the five-month internship, she is now fully employed as a Junior Digital PR Specialist.