My journey has two branches, at first starting the internship as an SEO specialist only to realize that my niche is in the SEO Content Writing position. It all started with “I must try my luck and see if I can get the scholarship to attend the training – Introduction to Digital Marketing and SEO fundamentals.” All of a sudden I found my name on the first list of students who won the 100% scholarship. During the training hours, I dived deep into many concepts, such as link prospecting, keywords, headlines, link juice, and many others. Never have I ever thought that with a specialization in translation and a degree in archaeology I would fit in the world of digital marketing. Not so surprising because everything is possible at NextSEO, you just have to be fully committed and keen on making search engines rank your piece of work as high as possible.

The training was overly ideal and fascinating, in each hour the trainers interpreted and delivered lectures that treated aspects of SEO and Digital Marketing in a simple language. The usage of visualizations and in-class questions have lead to the ongoing acquisition of knowledge regarding this field. As a hidden gem, NextSEO from the very start has shown incredible work ethics along with space for chosen development paths.

I frequently encountered jobs of this nature, held interviews, and discussed the duties of being an employee. However, the initial meetings with the staff of NextSEO have long lived in the files of my mind and established a strong foundation from the training down to the inauguration of the job. I could utterly and comfortably express the sea of thoughts, what are my personal challenges and possible alters needed to adapt to the new era of my life “Content Writer”. The team of NextSEO radiates positivity, and that was reflected in many discussions we have had. Remarkably, they have touched on concepts about being a modest and happy employee, consequently having a healthy mindset in order to pour from within. Putting in focus the humanism angle to have a clearer vision on having a successful career. The friendly environment and exceptional culture of the NextSEO company have assured me a wonderful job in which no other way could be better.

Lendita Gashi has a Bachelor degree in English Language and is currently finishing her second BA degree in Archaeology at the University of Prishtina. After successfully completing NextSEO’s “Introduction to Digital Marketing and SEO” training and the five-month internship, she is now fully employed as a Junior Content Writer.