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It has been ten years since the first partnership was signed between NextSEO and MAWISTA, to help the German health insurance firm establish their brand in the online world and become a leader as a travel and health insurance provider in the eyes of foreign students and expats in Germany.

Throughout the years, what started as a simple agreement transformed into a successful and fruitful partnership lasting a decade with several successes along the way and consistent annual growth in revenue for both companies.

Besart Bajrami, the CEO of NextSEO, commented on this milestone achievement, saying that the reason why this partnership lasted so long was because of the continuous effort of both parties to get meaningful results despite the challenges that competing in a tough market such as insurance brings.

“Knowing that we were aiming for the top and being involved in a highly competitive market, we accepted the challenges and went on to establish MAWISTA as a true leader in the travel and health insurance market as well as grow our team of in-house expert marketers who contributed a lot to this dramatic growth over the years.”

What fueled this growth significantly were the outstanding SEO strategies and other digital marketing services NextSEO provided for MAWISTA since 2009.

Bajrami also commented on overcoming challenges and adapting to changes in digital marketing practices that NextSEO had to do in order to continue providing significant results for MAWISTA.

“During the last ten years, as search marketing professionals, we experienced some of the biggest changes Google and other search engines have made to their algorithms, and being in the front lines allowed us to be some of the first people to notice these changes and be prepared in advance with our strategies and actions  – this I believe allowed us to thrive as a small business for all these years and of course we are truly grateful for having had this opportunity to work with MAWISTA .”

The founder of MAWISTA, Thomas Bezler, in 2017 shared his thoughts on working with NextSEO as well:

“We have managed to grow our business substantially and on a consistent basis each and every year, thanks to the team behind the innovative and results-based online marketing strategies implemented by the expert marketers and thought-leaders at NextSEO.”

Michael Schmid, the CEO of MAWISTA, was also happy for all these years of having NextSEO as a partner:

“In the rapidly changing world of online marketing, NextSEO is a competent partner that responds absolutely fast to changes in search engines. Market trends are also recognized early on, and concrete action strategies are developed professionally. We are happy for using NextSEO’s services and having them as a partner for all these years.”

Very few partnerships manage to last this long, but because of NextSEO’s commitment to results and long-term growth with all of their partners this is enough proof that long-term partnerships can not only be possible, but they can also be very profitable and rewarding.

This success would not have been possible without the amazing and hardworking team at NextSEO who are passionate about giving their 100% for a common goal.

May 2019