2-Week Summer Training Program

At NextSEO, we are strong believers that everyone needs a great first chance!  With this in mind, we are offering 30 SEO training program scholarships to our ambitious youth!

Our 2-week summer training programs are designed to help driven, talented young people in Kosovo get their foot in the digital marketing job market. 

If you get selected for one of the 30 scholarships, you will be able to attend one of our three summer training programs, depending on your preference.

All you have to do is apply for a scholarship, choose your preferred training program, and wait!

Have you ever turned to Google to look stuff up? Of course you did! Well, did you ever wonder about why Google gives you the best answer 99% of the time? Is Google so smart as to know the right answer to all your questions? No, of course not! Then, what?

The answer is simple: SEO

S-E-O stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a way to make a page appear higher on Google search results. It focuses on publishing high-quality content, improving your website, and spreading the word about your website (i.e. being mentioned on other websites, being featured in news articles, and being cited as a source.)

This is what divides SEO techniques into two main categories: On-Site SEO and Off-Site SEO.

With over 16 years experience in online marketing and a team of over 40 people, we’ve seen it all. Nothing changes and evolves at a faster pace than the world of online marketing. With the modern technology available, millions of websites are created every year and billions of dollars are invested in getting them in front of ideal visitors on a consistent basis.

NextSEO is one of the first digital marketing agencies in Kosovo! In 2021, our projects counted 50M+ users, 85M+ visits, and 140M+ page views!

Why should you consider taking part in this training? Over 60% of our staff began their digital marketing careers through our training and internship programs. So, if you are also interested in digital marketing, our two-week summer training is a perfect opportunity!

Training Timeline

1. Two-Week Summer Training Program

Successful candidates will win scholarships for the two-week summer training held by NextSEO this summer. At the end of the training program, all participants will receive certificates.

2. Four-Month Paid

Some of the training participants will be offered a four-month paid internship with NextSEO. During the internship, the interns continue to hone the skills they received during the training and get first-hand experience in digital marketing under the supervision of our senior staff.

3. Full-Time Employment at NextSEO

After the completion of the internship, all interns who show interest and skill will be offered employment contracts at NextSEO.

Training Courses

Can you imagine what life was like before search engines? Before we had information at the touch of a button? Before there were more than 56.5 billion web pages indexed by Google, which we can access by simple search queries? The internet has made life simpler. And, it is precisely people like you and me who make life easier for the curious internet users. 

Imagine writing an article and having that article appear first on Google! Millions of people will read what you have written! In a way, you will be helping the world one word after the other.

But how do you make your writing appear first when people search for a specific topic? This is where SEO comes into play. What an SEO content writer does is write content that aligns with specific rules or rather standards of writing that help content rank.

You must not let this scare you; it is something you can learn too, for as long as you’re dedicated and determined enough. We have all started from zero, after all!

Our “Write for SEO: Introduction to SEO Content Writing” training program will help you take the first step towards a fruitful journey in each way possible. 

Who is an ideal candidate for the “Introduction to SEO Content Writing” training?

  • Passionate about writing (and reading).
  • Organized. 
  • Strong research skills.
  • Advanced knowledge of the English language.
  • Communicative and able to get their message across when writing.

What will you get out of the “Introduction to SEO Content Writing” training?

  • Knowledge of the SEO content writing process.
  • The ability to write quality SEO content that ranks on search engines.
  • The ability to structure written content for SEO to increase ranking probability.
  • Certificate of Participation for the “Introduction to SEO Content Writing” endorsed by NextSEO.

Writing good content for a website is not enough. You need to spread the word and get mentioned on other authoritative websites for Google to start trusting you and sending visitors to your website. The goal of Link Building Outreach is to create reasons for your website to get mentioned and linked by others, write persuasive emails that get results, and be convincing enough to turn a “no” into a “yes”.

Becoming an SEO Outreach Specialist is a path reserved for the tough and the enthusiastic, the ones who refuse to give up, who learn all the industry rules and decide to break them, who don’t care about motivation but instead use discipline to push through daily challenges! The ideal candidate also shows a good amount of creativity, as the cherry on top, whenever the situation asks. 

We don’t care about your university degree, work experience, or whether you want to be the president; we care whether you have what it takes to get results. Where ordinary people see one or two ways to approach a problem, the ideal SEO Outreach Specialist sees 10x. 

The main ingredient you need to have a successful career in SEO Outreach is a growth mindset. If you think you have it, this training is for you!

Who is an ideal candidate for the “Introduction to SEO Outreach” training?

  • Passionate about communication.
  • Super focused.
  • Able to manage time well.
  • Strong research skills.
  • Advanced knowledge of the English language.
  • Growth mindset.

What will you get out of this training?

  • Learn the basics of how Google search works.
  • Knowledge of the SEO Outreach process.
  • The ability to get websites mentioned on prestigious websites.
  • The skills to persuade people into doing practically anything.
  • Certificate of Participation for the “Introduction to SEO Outreach” endorsed by NextSEO.

The content that is published on a website needs to be organized and optimized in a way that Google understands it. Basically, with On-site SEO you will try to make it easier for Google to understand the pages of your website, navigate through your website with ease, give it clues where to categorize and rank your pages. 

Google is constantly making improvements to the way it ranks pages and search in general, so there is a vast amount of space for creative “out-of-the-box” thinking. 
For those who pay attention to the smallest of details and are not satisfied with just “okay” this career choice would be ideal. On-site SEO is a place for problem solvers, perfectionists, data junkies, tech lovers, 

Working with large data, following trends, documenting processes, managing spreadsheets, may sound boring at first, but when blended copywriting, a tiny bit of coding, and ideating new pieces of content, you will find yourself in a wonderful area of SEO that is yet to be explored.

Who is an ideal candidate for the “On-site SEO” Training?

  • Has a basic understanding of HTML.
  • Advanced knowledge of the English language.
  • Detail oriented.
  • Highly organized.
  • Basic delegation skills.
  • Analytical.

What will you get out of this training?

  • Learn the basics of how Google search works.
  • Perform keyword research for any given topic or niche.
  • Create a content strategy that aligns with your website’s goals.
  • Learn how to interlink and cluster pages by topic.
  • Design a proper website navigation.
  • Learn the basics of the technical aspects of a website.
  • Become a first generation certified On-Site SEO trainee endorsed by NextSEO.


Receive a Certificate of Participation, endorsed by NextSEO.

Learn about the ever-growing field of digital marketing.

Take your first step into a career in digital marketing

Put theory into practice through continuous coursework and feedback.

Earn valuable industry insights from our experienced lecturers.

Training Requirements

Training Details and Schedule

2-Week Summer Training Program

Apply by the 10th of June, 2022, to win one of the 30 SEO Training scholarships.

Our Young NextSEOists

From training programs and internships all the way to full-time employment, the young NextSEOists are now a crucial part of our team. Some contribute through content writing, others through outreach and digital PR, but one thing’s for certain, they are valuable members of NextSEO.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing is becoming more and more prominent by the day. As a search engine, Google alone processes over 8.5 billion searches a day. Digital marketing professionals use Google’s popularity for their marketing needs every day. And, yes, the digital marketing industry is also present in Kosovo. So, getting your foot into this ever-growing industry can only be advantageous, regardless of where you plan to practice your profession.

Our training programs are not usually free of charge. However, this summer, we have decided to offer 30 full scholarships, for those who are interested in either Content Writing for SEO, Off-site SEO, or On-site SEO (each training description provided above). We could go as far as to name our scholarships the opportunity of a lifetime. You never know how digital marketing can come in handy in a world where Google has become synonymous with the internet. Today, the advancements in technology are allowing digital marketing to surpass traditional marketing methods.

Applicants must meet the training scholarship requirements listed above. After the initial application for the scholarship, selected applicants will enter an online test to determine their English language proficiency by writing an essay and answering a few questions to see if they’re a good fit for a successful career in SEO. Each applicant will be notified regarding the status of their application.

You are highly encouraged to read the training program descriptions to see which one best fits your preferences. If you still do not know which one to choose, you can select the “no preference” option on the scholarship application form and we will help you decide.

The only thing we can guarantee is that you will find our training programs helpful if you plan to build a career in digital marketing. This is the starting point for everyone who enters our training programs. Our Certificate of Participation will give you an extra edge whenever, and if ever, you apply for our open internship programs.

Our full-time internship programs take 4 (1+3) months to complete. If you get selected for an internship program with NextSEO after the training period, you will have the chance to go through a 4-month internship program through which you will continuously sharpen your skills by working with industry professionals.

Yes, you will get paid for your contribution during our internship program. The payment is in accordance with the 1+3 method (i.e., you will receive a payment of €161 during the first month and €271 during each of the remaining three months). 

If you complete your internship program successfully, implement feedback accordingly, and provide results, you will be offered a full-time employment contract. 

Other questions?

Please contact us at training@nextseo.net, and we’ll be happy to answer.

2-Week Summer Training Program

Apply by the 10th of June, 2022, to win one of the 30 SEO Training scholarships.