As my experience as an undergraduate was ending, I was captivated by numerous possibilities of what career I could pursue. My enthusiasm and interest for digital marketing grew during the time I successfully completed a “Social Media Marketing” training course, which introduced me to digital marketing as a potential career path.

Being a student of English Language and Literature, I sought a creative setting where I could easily express myself and my ideas, and that’s exactly what I found at NextSEO. I remember being really nervous about starting my internship here since I had yet to adapt to the industry of digital marketing and didn’t know what to expect. It only took me about two weeks to know that this is a place where I am comfortable and want to grow and develop in.

Now, 6 months in, I have to say I’m excited to see where this journey takes me! Content creation was something that I was initially afraid of pursuing but now I’ve come to look at it as an endless world of possibility! I am beyond thankful to the welcoming team of NextSEO not only for the valuable career opportunity but for the encouraging environment they have created.

Venera is currently working on her thesis to complete the bachelor’s degree at the department of English Language and Literature. In April 2021, she joined NextSEO as a Social Media Content Creator Intern and is now fully employed as a Social Media Content Creator.